A bargain in Shibuya has just come out on market

Today, I found a bargain apartment in Shibuya. 
an apartment building in residential Shibuya

an apartment building in residential Shibuya


A spacious apartment (more than 58 sq. meters) on 8th floor of the building is now being sold for 33,800,000 yen.  It is a bargain because land in the same area is worth of 1,400,000 yen/sq. meter at least (by Japan’s tax agency’s roadside value)  within walking distance of Shibuya and Omotesando which are known for trendy-ness and for commercial activities. 


The apartment is well maintained with polished hardwood floor and newly-replaced wallpaper.


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with polished hardwood floor and new wallpaper


Also, it comes with a tatami room with brand-new tatamis.  When I visited the apartment, the apartment was filled with the nice smell of the new tatamis. 


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an apartment in Shibuya comes with a tatami room with newly-replaced tatamis


Moreover, the apartment has nice, open views of Shibuya.  Actually, it has east, south, and west exposures.


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an apartment has open, overlooking views of Shibuya


Location is good.  It is within walking distance of Shibuya station (JR and Tokyo Metro lines) and Omotesando (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line & Chiyoda Line).



The apartment will be sold soon because of its attractiveness, in particular, price, size, and quality.  I would like to introduce it to as many clients as possible before it diappears from market.  I don’t want my clients to miss out with good opportunites.



Price: 33,800,000 yen

Floor Area: 58.68 sq. meters (8th floor of a 10-story apartment building)

Structure: RC

Completion: 1968

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Akasaka, Aoyama, & Azabu 3

Dear international investors,
I like Minato-ku because it has proximity to greenery.  You can find a green area at almost every corner of a town in Minato-ku. 
On the other day, for example, my client and I visited a 124-sq. meter, 1-bedroom (+1 Tatami room) in Motoazabu.  The condominium in which the apartment is is actually adjacent to the property of a historical temple which is covered with trees.  Because greenery of the temple is so close to the condo, you would probably feel as if the condo were standing in a forest.



a view of greenery from an apartment in Motoazabu

a view of greenery from an apartment in Motoazabu



The current owner has nicely changed the floor plan by knocking down the wall which used to separate living and dining area to create one open living area.  Also, he has brought a large, quality table into the kitchen and a looking-almost-like bamboo flooring into the living room.



 My client and I enjoyed tranquilty which greenery of a historical temple kept bringing into the apartment during our visit.


Details of the apartment are as follows:

Price: 125,000,000 yen

Floor Area: 124.63 sq. meters

Structure: RC

Building: a 8-story condo

Completion: 1983

Location: Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Transportation: 4-min walk to Azabujuban station (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)



a view of greenery on a historical temple in motoazabu

a view of greenery on a historical temple in motoazabu

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Distressed assets in Shibuya ku and Meguro ku

Jiyugaoka-Meguro-ku area

Jiyugaoka-Meguro-ku area

I visited distressed assets in Shibuya ku last week.



Property is located near Shoto area around NZ embasy and Aso’s private house. This new property was planed to sell at higher level, but the owner could not sell at the peak and they sold at 50% of what they planed.

(Their expected price was too much high though…)


See picture of entrance of the apartment.


This one is located at Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


Secondly, I went to see another distressed asset in Meguro-ku. This wide balcony is quite nice…


Kamiyama-cho apartment in Shibuya-ku

Kamiyama-cho apartment in Shibuya-ku

Jiyugaoka-distressed asset

Jiyugaoka-distressed asset

The yeild is around 9% in Jiyugaoka area.



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Akasaka, Aoyama, & Azabu 2



Aoyama is also very popular for residence and investment.



Aoyama means a blue mountain.  Actually, the area is named after the name of a warlord who used to rule the region during the edo period.



Aoyama is popular largely because it is trendy with the world’s top fashion boutiques from all around the world.   You can probably find more fashion brand shops in Aoyama than in any other town in the world.   So, Aoyama is bustling with shoppers on weekend while creating a good atmosphere friendly to international visitors.



Quality housing is behind the world’s top boutiques and restaurants in Aoyama.  You will be probably surprised to know how quiet and tranquil a neighborhood is although it is close to a commercial district of Aoyama.  Also, just like trendy fashion brand shops and restaurants which characterize Aoyama, many houses and apartments in Aoyama are very trendy.  This explains why Aoyama is so popular for residence not only among Japanese people but also among international families and individuals.  In addition to nice housing in Aoyama, some of Japan’s and the world’s top companies are also in Aoyama. 



Thus, real estate (e.g. buildings, shops, houses, and apartments) in Aoyama offers attractive investment or residential opportunites.  You will probably have to be careful with overhead costs when you purchase or lease real estate in Aoyama because the costs will be high.  However, you should also know that Aoyama can be a source of stable real-estate yields because there are always demands for real estate in Aoyama because many people always want to live, manage a fashion boutique or a restaurant, and/or have an apartment building for investment in Aoyama.

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Akasaka, Aoyama, & Azabu

Within Tokyo’s Minato-ku which is very popular not only among Japanese people but also international people, Akasaka, Aoyama,  and Azabu are particularly popular for residence, work, and real-estate investment. 



Just like other Japanese towns which show distinctive characteristics, they are unique and have different aspects.




Akasaka means a red hill.  The town is a combination of business and the world’s first-class cuisine.  There are so many famous and first-class restaurants in Akasaka.  Because Akasaka is within a walking distance of the world’s first-class hotels and Kasumigaseki where Japan’s Diet building and executive offices are, it is often visited by lawmakers and public officers who want to entertain their guest(s) with delicious food.   



Also, US Embassy, Embassy of Canada, and many international and domestic companies are in Akasaka.  Because of these characteristics of Akasaka, it offers attractive investment opportunities to those who seek to manage their portfolio with restaurants and offices.




We will cover Aoyama and Azabu in future blogs.  Check information about Akasaka with our website.

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Main reasons why Minato-ku is so popular among international people

Dear international investors,


Minato-ku (ward) in Tokyo is very popular among international people .  It is probably the single most popular place in Japan for residence.  In particular, so-called 3 As (Akasaka, Aoyama, and Azabu) are always bustling with people from different cultures.



In fact, many of our clients clearly show their strong interest to live in Minato-ku when they are asked where in Tokyo they would like to live in or to invest on.



Reasons for people’s love of Minato-ku are diverse.   Above all, quality life in Minato-ku seems to be attracting many international people or foreigners.  Minato-ku is at the heart of Tokyo while being a hub for Tokyo Metro which is one of the most complicated yet reliable underground systems in the world.  It has good access to work which international people go to.  It has so many world-class international and Japanese restaurants which have been a magnet for international tourists, and so many world’s first-class fashion boutiques. 



Moreover, among international individuals and families who are already living in Minato-ku, the area’s proximity to greenery is very popular.  People admit that they did not expect to see greenery in the center of Tokyo. 



Minato-ku has so many good reasons to be liked by non-Japanese people.  We would like to introduce good real estate opportunities (e.g. investment and residence) to as many international individuals or families as possible based on their needs while keeping these good reasons in mind.

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Bottoming out? Or, bottomed out?

We have seen Japanese real estate market around Tokyo is getting active these days.



We exchage contracts every month and close deal every month with Japanese clients. I recognize information time lag in between Japanese street smart and none native people from overseas.


(We have done transaction with Chinese lady who speaks fluent Japanese this month.)



Positive factors for Japanese real estate


・Major economic powers, G20, implemented enourmous financial and fiscal policy to prevent further deep recession.


・Japanese goverment changed tax benefit to support first time home buyers.(on loan transaction)


・Japanese goverment modified tax code for corporation for fixed asset purchase.(on corporate tax for fixed assets)


・BOJ keeps and will keep lower interest rate at 0.1%. 


・Major banks attitude are getting aggresive after fiscal year end. (March 31, 09)


・Japanese goverment is discussing tax benefit on gift tax for kids to buy or build house or apartment…



Negative factors for Japanese real estate


・Japanese birth rate is still very low and population will not grow.


・Goverment assets, so called “Maizou Kin”, is not sold very well.(According to Nikkei News Paper)

Supply of land is expected in the future.


・Economic recovery is not strong enough compared to other developing countries such as China.


・Global crisis may not be over.



Through our business activity, we have lots of buying demand for commercial properties from Japanese clients.  They can not see good investment opportunities in stock and bond market domestically. They bought high yeild  commercial properties such as dormitories, office buildings and so on. (7%-12% gross yeild)



Evidence of bottom
We had lots of buying orders from clinets, but they could not buy such properties at their expected level. But somebody bought them at higher level than our clients. Seeing these transacions, I am confident to say Japanese “commercial properties” are bottomed out around this Feburary.(Please ask detail…)



However, residencial properties are not yet bottomed out, but it is bottoming out now. Since potential buyers are moving very active to catch bargain deal at this bottom.



This is first page of our blog.  We would like to provide English written vivid information to people from all over the world.  (by Hirokazu Mukai CEO)


Real estate web site in Tokyo Minato ku, http://www.realestate-minato.com/

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