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Dear international investors,
I like Minato-ku because it has proximity to greenery.  You can find a green area at almost every corner of a town in Minato-ku. 
On the other day, for example, my client and I visited a 124-sq. meter, 1-bedroom (+1 Tatami room) in Motoazabu.  The condominium in which the apartment is is actually adjacent to the property of a historical temple which is covered with trees.  Because greenery of the temple is so close to the condo, you would probably feel as if the condo were standing in a forest.



a view of greenery from an apartment in Motoazabu

a view of greenery from an apartment in Motoazabu



The current owner has nicely changed the floor plan by knocking down the wall which used to separate living and dining area to create one open living area.  Also, he has brought a large, quality table into the kitchen and a looking-almost-like bamboo flooring into the living room.



 My client and I enjoyed tranquilty which greenery of a historical temple kept bringing into the apartment during our visit.


Details of the apartment are as follows:

Price: 125,000,000 yen

Floor Area: 124.63 sq. meters

Structure: RC

Building: a 8-story condo

Completion: 1983

Location: Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Transportation: 4-min walk to Azabujuban station (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)



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a view of greenery on a historical temple in motoazabu

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