Distressed assets in Shibuya ku and Meguro ku

Jiyugaoka-Meguro-ku area

Jiyugaoka-Meguro-ku area

I visited distressed assets in Shibuya ku last week.



Property is located near Shoto area around NZ embasy and Aso’s private house. This new property was planed to sell at higher level, but the owner could not sell at the peak and they sold at 50% of what they planed.

(Their expected price was too much high though…)


See picture of entrance of the apartment.


This one is located at Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


Secondly, I went to see another distressed asset in Meguro-ku. This wide balcony is quite nice…


Kamiyama-cho apartment in Shibuya-ku

Kamiyama-cho apartment in Shibuya-ku

Jiyugaoka-distressed asset

Jiyugaoka-distressed asset

The yeild is around 9% in Jiyugaoka area.



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