Akasaka, Aoyama, & Azabu 2



Aoyama is also very popular for residence and investment.



Aoyama means a blue mountain.  Actually, the area is named after the name of a warlord who used to rule the region during the edo period.



Aoyama is popular largely because it is trendy with the world’s top fashion boutiques from all around the world.   You can probably find more fashion brand shops in Aoyama than in any other town in the world.   So, Aoyama is bustling with shoppers on weekend while creating a good atmosphere friendly to international visitors.



Quality housing is behind the world’s top boutiques and restaurants in Aoyama.  You will be probably surprised to know how quiet and tranquil a neighborhood is although it is close to a commercial district of Aoyama.  Also, just like trendy fashion brand shops and restaurants which characterize Aoyama, many houses and apartments in Aoyama are very trendy.  This explains why Aoyama is so popular for residence not only among Japanese people but also among international families and individuals.  In addition to nice housing in Aoyama, some of Japan’s and the world’s top companies are also in Aoyama. 



Thus, real estate (e.g. buildings, shops, houses, and apartments) in Aoyama offers attractive investment or residential opportunites.  You will probably have to be careful with overhead costs when you purchase or lease real estate in Aoyama because the costs will be high.  However, you should also know that Aoyama can be a source of stable real-estate yields because there are always demands for real estate in Aoyama because many people always want to live, manage a fashion boutique or a restaurant, and/or have an apartment building for investment in Aoyama.

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