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Attractive investment opportunities in Kawasaki

Dear Investors:



We surveyed the following investment property the other day.   Its details are:



Location:  Ikuta, Tama-ku, Kawasaki city (6-min walk from Ikuta station of Odakyu Line)

Land: 165.84 square meters

Floor area: 143.10 square meters

Coverage: 50%

FAR: 100%

Structure:  RC / 2 stories

Year built: 1985

Current occupancy: 100% or 6/6

Annual return: 4,491,000 yen

Price: 52,800,000 yen



an investment property in Ikuta (Kawasaki city)

an investment property in Ikuta (Kawasaki city)





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a view of second floor from downstairs





Kawasaki city lies in-between Tokyo and Yokohama.  Because of its geography being in-between two largest cities of Japan, the population of Kawasaki is growing at an unmatched speed relative to other regions of Japan. 



Please let us know, if you are intereted in the property.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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