Main reasons why Minato-ku is so popular among international people

Dear international investors,


Minato-ku (ward) in Tokyo is very popular among international people .  It is probably the single most popular place in Japan for residence.  In particular, so-called 3 As (Akasaka, Aoyama, and Azabu) are always bustling with people from different cultures.



In fact, many of our clients clearly show their strong interest to live in Minato-ku when they are asked where in Tokyo they would like to live in or to invest on.



Reasons for people’s love of Minato-ku are diverse.   Above all, quality life in Minato-ku seems to be attracting many international people or foreigners.  Minato-ku is at the heart of Tokyo while being a hub for Tokyo Metro which is one of the most complicated yet reliable underground systems in the world.  It has good access to work which international people go to.  It has so many world-class international and Japanese restaurants which have been a magnet for international tourists, and so many world’s first-class fashion boutiques. 



Moreover, among international individuals and families who are already living in Minato-ku, the area’s proximity to greenery is very popular.  People admit that they did not expect to see greenery in the center of Tokyo. 



Minato-ku has so many good reasons to be liked by non-Japanese people.  We would like to introduce good real estate opportunities (e.g. investment and residence) to as many international individuals or families as possible based on their needs while keeping these good reasons in mind.

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