Akasaka, Aoyama, & Azabu 4

Azabu (e.g. Higashiazabu, Nishiazabu, Minamiazabu, and Azabujuban) is one of the most popular residential district in Minato-ku among international people. 


Azabu means a linen cloth.  Since the edo period (1603-1867), it has been known for cites of temples and cemeteries.  In fact, many of condos and houses in the district are built on ex-properties of temples, including the land on which the  Roppongi Hills is built. 


 Because Azabu has many temples, the district has much greenery which belong to temples and houses and apartments are in proximity to it.  


Azabu now has convenient access to central parts of Tokyo.  Hiroo station and Azabujuban station, two key Tokyo Metro stations in Azabu, are directly connected to the center of Tokyo by Hibiya Line (for Hiroo station) and Namboku Line and Oedo Line (for Azabujuban station). 


The followings are main reasons why international people like Azabu:

– In proximity to international community (many embassies are in Azabu)

– In proximity to international grocery stores (e.g. National Azabu, Meijiya, Nissin, Hiroo shopping street, and Azabujuban shopping streets)

– In proximity to renowned general hospitals and Arisugawa Park

– First-class restaurants and an international atmosphere

– Good access to central parts of Tokyo


Unlike Akasaka and Aoyama where many company headquarters are found, Azabu is exclusively residential.  Yet it would be worthwhile to invest on a building with retail space on the ground floor on a main shopping street in Azabu because the street is always bustling with shoppers.

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