Belgravia Prova – a trendy Hiroo property is for sale


Dear international investors,


A quality, trendy, brand-new triplex  in a quiet residential neighborhood of  Hiroo is now for sale. 



Its details are as follows:



Name:  Belgravia Prova


Price: 400,000,000 yen (for 3 units)


Location: 3 chome, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Acreage: 185.14 sq. meters


Floor area: 426.70 sq. meters


Coverage: 60%


FAR: 150%


Layout & floor area: Unit SLOAN (3-bedroom, 124.87 sq. meters), Unit CHESTER (2-bedroom, 108.28 sq. meters), Unit EATON (3-bedroom+playroom+car parking + balcony, 193.55 sq. meters)


Completion: January 30th, 2009


Transportation: 8-min walk to Hiroo station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) & 14-min walk to Ebisu station (JR Yamanote Line)


Other features: quiet residential neighborhood, scenic overlook, IH cooker, built-in dishwasher & electric oven, within walking distance of Arisugawa Park, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills, National Azabu, Meidiya, Hiroo Plaza, embassies, universities, and general hospitals



essay on procrastination

a picture of outlook of Belgravia Prova



a living room at Belgravia Prova

a living room at Belgravia Prova



Belgravia Prova  is a hybrid real-estate in a very quiet residential neighborhood of Hiroo with walking distance to many cultural amanities, such as, Red Cross Hospital, Arisugawa Park, Roppongi Hills, National Azabu, Meidiya, and Roppongi Hills.



Hiroo is a very popular residential area not only among Japanese people but also amajor  mong international people.  In Hiroo, there are nice shopping areas, parks, medical and educational facilities. 



Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line provides easy access to both central and suburban parts of Tokyo from Hiroo station.



View from balcony

View from balcony

picture of attic

picture of attic

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