Akasaka, Aoyama, & Azabu

Within Tokyo’s Minato-ku which is very popular not only among Japanese people but also international people, Akasaka, Aoyama,  and Azabu are particularly popular for residence, work, and real-estate investment. 



Just like other Japanese towns which show distinctive characteristics, they are unique and have different aspects.




Akasaka means a red hill.  The town is a combination of business and the world’s first-class cuisine.  There are so many famous and first-class restaurants in Akasaka.  Because Akasaka is within a walking distance of the world’s first-class hotels and Kasumigaseki where Japan’s Diet building and executive offices are, it is often visited by lawmakers and public officers who want to entertain their guest(s) with delicious food.   



Also, US Embassy, Embassy of Canada, and many international and domestic companies are in Akasaka.  Because of these characteristics of Akasaka, it offers attractive investment opportunities to those who seek to manage their portfolio with restaurants and offices.




We will cover Aoyama and Azabu in future blogs.  Check information about Akasaka with our website.

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