Breaking news! An attractive building in-between Roppongi and Hiroo is now for sale

Dear Investors,


A building consisting of shop (1F), office (2F&3F), and residence (4F, 5F, & 6F) in-between Roppongi and Hiroo has just come out on market for sale.  Its details are as follows:



Type: shop, office, + residence

Location: 3, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (7-min walk from Hiroo station of Metro Hibiya Line & 10-min walk from Roppongi station of Metro Hibiya Line)

Land: 118.60 sq. meters

Floor area: 454.09 sq. meters

Structure: RC / 6 stories

Coverage: 60% / 80%

FAR: 300% / 400%

Current tenants: 1F (Japanese noodle shop) – 380,000 yen/month, 2F & 3F (office) – @260,000 yen/month

Price: 250,000,000 yen

Others: within walking distance of Roppongi, Hiroo, and Azabujuban; the most sought-after location, in the vicinity of Arisugawa Park, Aiiku Hospital (= a maternal & child care center), embassies, National Azabu (international grocery store), and Meidiya (international grocery store)


floor plan – a 250,000,000-yen building in-between Hiroo and Roppongi


We will update you about this property because some features of it are still unknown.



This property may be sold quickly and disappear from the market soon because it is in the middle of the most sought-after location of Japan. 


Please let us know, if you are interested in this property.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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