A bargain investment property in a prime location of Tokyo

Dear International Investors,


First comes, first served.


A bargain property (an apartment building) has just come out on market.   My co-w0rkers and I agree to each other that it is a very good investment opportunity in many respects – quality, potentiality, location, and price.  Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in it.  We don’t want you to miss out with a good investment opportunity with promising real estate in http://blog.realestate-minato.com/write-college-research-paper/.  Its specs are as follows:



Type: apartment building

Price: 480,000,000 yen

Location: 4, http://blog.realestate-minato.com/workplace-diversity-essay/, Tokyo (6-min walk to shoe horn sonata essay (http://blog.realestate-minato.com/the-raven-essay/))

Land: 401.26 sq. meters

Floor area: 1,001.83 sq. meters

Structure: RC / 4 stories + 2 stories underground

Built in: 2002

Coverage: 60%

FAR: 300%

Annual Income (at operation rate of 100%): 3,617,000 yen/month

Yield: 9%



a bargain property in Akasaka

a bargain property in Akasaka



a bargain property in Akasaka 2

a bargain property in Akasaka 2



The bargain property is in Akasaka which is known for the world’s first-class restaurants, famous companies, and show business.  In fact, there are so many international restaurants in Akasaka which are doing a fantastic job in entertaining not only domestic celebrities but also international ones.  Also, Akasaka is always bustling with businesses. 


The apartment will provide you excellent access to work and entertainments, including those in Roppongi and Harajuku, because Akasaka is conveniently connected to many places of Tokyo with http://blog.realestate-minato.com/the-raven-essay/ and Ginza Line.  You may think that Akasaka is grey and dark with concrete buildings.  But it actually has much greenery and nice parks.


We hope you will consider it for investment.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve to you.



a bargain property in Akasaka 3

a bargain property in Akasaka 3

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