The world of sumo may be extinct: A general advice about yakuza

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The world of sumo has hugely been stained by its personnel’s involvement with illegal gambling on pro baseball games in Japan which has been a source of money for yakuzas or infamous crime cyndidates in the island nation.  Due to blazing public criticism against it, the association has just announced for a suspension of the broadcasting of the coming sumo tournament in Nagoya, which has never occured ever since NHK, public broadcasting station in Japan, started airing the tournament in 1953.  Police is going to investigate the case; and the world of sumo, which has been a cultural icon of Japan for more than 1,000 years, might be abolished depending on the investigation’s results.



We strongly advise that you be careful with yakuzas and stay away from them by all means.  Because real estate transactions often involve and yield a large amount of money, they have been targeted by yakuzas for a source of money and have actually become a source for gangster money. 



Probably because the whole Japanese society has become more law-abiding than ever before and because people, including buyers, investors, and real estate agents, are more cautious about yakuzas than ever before, we don’t hear about yakuza-related illegal real-estate transactions so much any more.  And we strongly believe that you won’t have anything to worry about so long as you are careful.  But people must remember that yakuzas still exist and are propbably looking at loose real-estate deals to collect money efficiently and wisely.



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