Bummer! A piece of advice for international investors keen on investing in Tokyo

Dear Investors,



Please look our February 4th and 12th blogs – ‘Breaking news! An attractive building in-between Roppongi and Hiroo is now for sale’. 



anne frank essay

a 250,000,000-yen investment property in-between Roppongi & Hiroo



This property has just been sold and is no longer available for purchase.  Moreover, it has taken only two weeks for the property to sell.  The cliche ‘First comes, first served’ applies perfectly. 



Real estate in Minato-ku is hot, although Japanese economy has been sluggish.  Many investors keep an eye on what is going on with real estate in Minato-ku and jump onto good investment opportunities as soon as they appear on the market.



Because we don’t want you to miss out with good opportunities, we strongly recommend that you be prepared and know when to jump onto such opportunities.  For you to be able to move swiftly when the time comes, we also recommend that you prepare all necessary documents for lenders you are going to use and that you set your own criteria for purchase in advance.



You probably find what has just been stated basic.  But basics are often forgotten.



We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve to you.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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