A drastic change in Japanese society – an assured increase of Chinese tourists

Dear Investors and Buyers:



Some 16,000,000 Chinese families are now eligible for a Japanese tourist visa.


Japanese government has drastically eased conditions for Chinese people to obtain a tourist visa issued by Japan.  Paricularly, Chinese people must earn at least 3,260,000 yen/year to be eligible before; but all Chinese people must earn is 850,000 yen/year to obtain a Japanese tourist visa now.  In addition to the new criterion, they must present no crime records and have a decent credit card. 



Future increase of Chinese tourists will probably change so many aspects of Japanese society.  No one is certain how much of impact it will give on Japanese society.   But it is safe to say that there will be far more Chinese real estate buyers than ever before for years to come.



Real estate industry here must prepare itself for coming changes with regard to increase of Chinese tourists.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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