Tokyo real estate big project

We read lots of news about current administration, especially we see two topics very positive for Tokyo real estate market.



1. Haneda Air port international hub plan
2. Linear Motor Car plan



1. Haneda Airport is currently focusing on domestic flight and not international flight, but current goverment just  announced they will use it for international flight as well. This is pretty positive for Japanese economy to attract more foreign flights from overseas, especially from Asia economic powers.



 This changes affects Tokyo real estate market espcially south area of Tokyo such as Oota-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Minato-ku and  Kanagawa prefecture such as Kawasaki, and Yokohama.



 If this ariport turns into international and 24 hours airport, needs for stay will increase definitely. Also, business  activity will pick up as well.



1-① essay on beethoven will get benefit from this change, and also area around their stations, such as Hamamatsuho station, Tennozu station, and so on will be more popular in the future.



essay on self will also get benefit from this change and several stations are particulary interesting such as Shinagawa station,  Kawasaki satation, Keikyu kamata station, and Heiwajima station.



nhs leadership essay
 Shinagawa station, Nagoya station, and Osaka station are almost done deal. (But official information is not open yet.)



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