Interesting investment opportunities with medical facilities at the heart of Tokyo

Dear Investors:



Let us introduce you investment opportunities with a property consisting of a nursery home and medical clinics in a central district of Tokyo.



Type: nursery home + medical clinics

Address: 2, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ( 7-min walk from Hacchobori station of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)

Land: 602.87 square meters

Floor area: 2,046.43 square meters

Structure: Reinforced Concrete / 6 stories

Completion: 1984

Coverage: 80%

FAR: 500%

Current lease terms:  lessee – a Japanese company providing medical survices for the aged / monthly rent – 5,500,000 yen / annual rent – 66,000,000 yen / a 20-year lease from 11/15/2009 to 11/14/2029

Current use: 1 F (402.99 square meters) – a medical clinic / 2F (384.81 sq. meters) – a medical clinic / 3F (409.36 sq. meters) – a nursery home with 11 beds / 4F (359.67 sq. meters) – a nursery home with 8 beds / 5F (254.68 sq. meters) – a nursery home with 8 beds / 6F (234.92 sq. meters) –

Asking price: 800,000,000 yen (to be negotiated)

Yield: 8.25%



Investing in medical facilities in Japan will be stable and keep producing high returns because rapid aging is real and faster in Japan than any other country in the world and demand for medical services for the aged will probably stay high. 



Also, operating costs will be wavered to some extent because the tenant is responsible for payment of fees related to maintenance and utilities.  Moreover, the property has been fully renovated in December of 2009 at 300,000,000 yen which is tenant’s expense.



The property is east of Tokyo station by about 1.5 kilometers and within a walking distance of the station.  



Please ask us, if you have any questions or need further information.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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