A good investment opportunity in a suburb of Tokyo

Dear international investors,


I went to survey an apartment building for investment in Sakado in Saitama Prefecture.



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investment property in Sakado


Its main features are as follows.


Price: 68,000,000 yen

Location: Sakado City, Saitama

Station: 10-min walk to Sakado station (Tobu Tojo Line)

Land: 209.86 sq.meters

Coverage: 60%

FAR: 200%

Total Floor Area: 418.53 sq. meters

Structure: RC / 4 stories

Apartment Type: 15 units (14  x  studio + 1 x family unit)

Estimated Yield: 12.0% (monthly revenue: approx. 680,000 yen, anual revenue: approx. 8,160,000 yen)

Built in March 25th, 1998


You may be wondering where Sakado is.    It is a suburb northwest of Tokyo and is about 45 mins from Ikebukuro by Tobu Tojo Line.   Like other satellite cities of Tokyo, Sakado is growing in number.

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