an investment apartment building in Ichikawa

Dear international investors,


I saw an about-290,000,000-yen apartment building in Ichikawa on the other day.  Ichikawa is a Tokyo’s satellite city with a high population growth.  As of August 1st, 2009, Ichikawa’s population is 219,279.


You may think that Ichikawa is far from Tokyo.  But it is conveniently connected to central parts of Tokyo.  For example, from Tokyo station to Ichikawa is only 18 mins by JR;  from Nihombashi station to Minamigiyotoku station 19 mins by Metro Tozai Line.


Moreover, Minamigyotoku station is just one stop from Urayasu station which is a gateway to Tokyo Disney Land which has been commercially successful and been very popular not only among Japanese families but also among international tourists.

view of an apartment building in Ichikawa









Specifications are as follows:


Price: approx. 290,000,000 yen

Location: Kakemama, Ichikawa

Transportation: 8-min walk to Minamigiyotoku station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line)

Structure: RC / 4 stories

Land: 399.78 sq. meters

Total Floor Area: 784.26 sq. meters

Land restrictions: 60% (coverage) & 200% (FAR)

Built in: 1987

Monthly revenue: approx. 1,900,000 yen

Deposit: approx. 4,000,000 yen

Tax (2007):  1,007,600 yen (for land + building)

Appraisal (2007): 73,039,806 yen (for land) & 49,742,474 yen (for building)


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view of apartment building in Ichikawa


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view of apartment building for investment in Ichikawa




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view from an apartment building in Ichikawa

view of inside of an apartment building in Ichikawa

view of inside of an apartment building in Ichikawa

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