Den-en-chōfu(Otaku,Tokyo,Japan) Property for Sale

Den-en-chōfu(Otaku,Tokyo,Japan) Property for Sale

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Land: 446.28 square meters

Floor area: 310.96 square meters

Structure: Reinforced concrete(RC) / 2 floors

Year built: 1988.2

Address:5-13-12, Den-en-chōfu, Ota-ku, Tokyo,Japan

(12-min walk from Den-en-chōfu station of Tokyu Toyoko Line)

Asking price: 220,000,000 yen


Den-en-chōfu meaning “garden suburb” is a district in Ota Ward in southern Tokyo.

Den-en-chōfu includes many detached suburban homes with a variety of styles, including Japanese neo-classical, Edwardian villas, Swiss cottages and modern architectural designs.Being 10 km away from the center of Tokyo, the area contains natural parks. The area has its own regulations for construction in order to preserve the town feel to the area. The residences are fairly big compared to normal housing in other areas in Japan, and the district is often compared to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Many Japanese executives, actors, actresses, and sports players live in this area is a very popular area for expatriates often considered to be the most prestigious section.


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