Meguro Property for Sale







Type: residence

Address: 1-25-10,Nakacho,Meguro-ku,Tokyo

 (18-min walk from <Gakugeidaigaku>station of Touyoko Line)

Land: 848.07square meters

Floor area: 2391.95 square meters

Floor layout: 64 units

Built in: 2006.11

Structure: RC / 7 Floors

Annual return: 87,652,000 yen

Asking price: 1,340,000,000

There are some convenience stores within 300M


There are many fashionable shopping towns like Jiyugaoka, while there are lots of places of rest and relaxation like Saigoyama Park. Meguro City is an enjoyable and wonderful place to live. Meguro hosts fifteen foreign embassies and consulates. One of Tokyo’s most exclusive residential neighborhoods (Kakinokizaka) is located in Meguro.
In addition, there are various historical and cultural sights to see like ancient temples, shrines and modern museums.


Please let us know, if you are interested in this property. Also, please feel free to contact us, if you need further information about it or wish to view it.

Best regards,

Minato Asset Management


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