Tokyo Sky Tree

Dear international investors,


Tokyo Sky Tree is under construction.   It is scheduled to complete in 2011.   As of today, it is 126-meter tall.  


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Tokyo Sky Tree under construction











The about-610-meter-tall (!) TV tower is in Oshiage of Sumida-ku which is east of famous Asakusa.   Looking from Asakusa, Oshiage is over Sumida River.  Oshiage is within a walking distance of popular commercial districts, such as, Asakusa, Riyogoku, and Kinshicho.  Althoug it has good access to those popular sites, it is not so known among people.   On the contrary, it looks underdeveloped.   Very little development has occured on Oshiage for at least the last 30 years.


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Tokyo Sky Tree under construction 3

Tokyo Sky Tree under construction 4

Tokyo Sky Tree under construction 4











Oshiage consists mostly of low-rise apartment buildings and of old detached houses.   There is a local shopping street, but much of the town looks so inactive.   According to a local ramen maestro who has been keeping a small ramen shop for the last 33 years, Oshiage was far more populas than now with then-flourishing textile and printing businesses which have recently drained into Asian countries.    Also, I have learned from the ramen maestro that Japan’s first ready-mixed concrete plant was where Tokyo Sky Tree is about 100 years ago and that it provided ready-mixed concrete to Tokyo and helped Tokyo become westernized then.  



Oshiage station

Oshiage station

Oshiage station 2

Oshiage station 2











Oshiage station 3

Oshiage station 3Oshiage station 4

Oshiage station 5

Oshiage station 5

The store manager has been so helpful in teaching me history of Oshiage.   To my shame, I did know little about Oshiage.  Although his language is harsh, I have learned a lot about Oshiage from him.   By the way, language harshness is typical of people in downtown of Tokyo.
local ramen shop in Oshiage - thank you for teaching me history of Oshiage!

local ramen shop in Oshiage - thank you for teaching me history of Oshiage!

Many people are trying to estimate Tokyo Sky Tree’s impact not only on Oshishige but also on the entire region.   It may create huge foot traffic in the region, but it may not.  It may bring new industries into the region, but it may not.   It may trigger international investors’ move into Japanese real estate market, but it may not.   However, I can say for sure that it is and will be worthwhile to keep an eye on the massive development.
I will welcome any feedback from you on the development.
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