a bargain investment property in a prime location of Tokyo

Dear international investors,


 An interesting, promising investment property in-between Roppongi and Azabujuban has just come out on market.  Its main features are as follows:


Price: 162,000,000 yen

Location:  1, Azabujuban, Minato-ku (5-min walk to Azabujuban station of Tokyo Subway Oedo  Line)

Land: 66.87 sq. meters

Floor area: 254.63 sq. meters

Structure: Steel / 5 stories + 1 story underground

Coverage / FAR : 80% / 400%

Built in: 1988

Annual return (estimated @100% occupancy): 13,137,600 yen

Yield: 8.1%



A restaurant will be suitable for 1st floor because there is always so much foot traffic on the street.  Roppongi and Azabujuban are very popular among people.  Roppongi is famous for night life: Azabujuban for nice restaurants. 



Please let us know, if you are interested in the property.

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