A high-yield investment property in a suburb of Tokyo

Dear Investors,


Let us introduce the following investment property:



Type: shops, offices, and apartments

Location: 3, Honcho, Koganei City, Tokyo (8-min walk from Musashikoganei station of JR Chuo Line)

Land: 227.76 square meters

Floor area: 840.20 square meters

Structure: Reinforced Concrete / 5 stories + 1 story underground

Year build: 1991

Asking price: 170,000,000 yen

Annual return (@100%): 16,944,000 yen

Yield (@100%): 9.96%

Current performance: 100% 0r 10/10 with annual return of 16,944,000 yen


a 170,000,000-yen investment property in Koganei City



Pros for this property include a high yield, constant demands for population growth, a history of good pefromance, and a nice residential neighborhood.



Please let us know, if you are interested in the property.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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