Yamate(Yokohama City, Japan)Property for Sale

Yamate(Yokohama City, Japan)Property for Sale



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Land: 112.53 square meters

Floor area: 91.06 square meters

Structure: Wooden construction/ 2 floors

Year built: 2000.3

Address: 65-3,Takenomaru,Naka-ku,Yokohama City,Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

(4-min walk from Yamate Station of JR Negishi Line)

Current annual return: 3,468,000yen

Asking price: 42,900,000yen

Return: 8%


The Yamate area is famous as having been a major foreigners’ neighborhood in the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods. along with diplomatic missions and a foreigners’ cemetery. the several international schools located there, the area has many tourist sites as the Harbour View Park, historical Western buildings like the Yamate 111 House, Bluff 18 House, a former British diplomat’s house, and the Yamate 234 house. There are many historical Western buildings in this area as the British took control of Yamate for a while.


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