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Dear Investors:



An office building by essay on isaac newtonis now for sale.  Please refer to our blog on March 25th titled ‘a bargain property in Tokyo – an office building  by Sumida River for sale’.   Actually, the office building which we would like to introduce to you this time is just one block east of this building and is on Eitai Street.  Its details are:



Address: 1, Saga, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Zoning: commercial

Coverage: 100%

FAR: 600%

Land: 606.91 square meters

Floor area: 3,982.43 square meters

Use: office, parking

Structure: RC / 8 stories + 1-story penthouse

Year built:  1988

Current operation rate: 7/8

Current monthly return: 7,051,290 yen

Current monthly return (parking): 334,000 yen

Current monthly utility fees: 2,705,780 yen

Asking price: 1,800,000,000 yen


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Current tenants include a world’s famous manufacuring company and another famous manufacturing company’s subsidiary.  We think that it is a very positive aspect of the property for investment. 



Please let us know, if you are interested in the property or need any further information about it.



Best regards,



Minato Asset Management

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