Jujo (Kita-ku,Tokyo,Japan) Property for Sale

Jujo (Kita-ku,Tokyo,Japan) Property for Sale




Address:4-4-2,Naka Jujo,Kita-ku,Tokyo,Japan

(7-min walk from <Higashi jujo > station of JR KeihinTouhoku Line

10-min walk from <Jujo>station of JR Saikyo Line)

Price: 165,000,000 yen

Land: 123.56square meters

Floor area:294.80 square meters

Structure: Reinforced Concrete (RC) 4 floors

Year built: 2012.2

Room Number:12 rooms

Annual income:11,484,000 yen

Yield: 7%


the ward has an estimated population of 332,140. The name Kita, meaning “north,” reflects the location among the wards of Tokyo. To its north lie the cities of Kawaguchi and Toda in Saitama Prefecture. To the east, south and west lie other special wards: Adachi, Arakawa, Itabashi, Bunkyō and Toshima.


Please let us know, if you are interested in this property. Also,please feel free to contact us, if you need further information about it or wish to view it.

Best regards,

Minato Asset Management


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